Did You Know? Your heart beats 115,200 times per day!

Taken an average of 80 beats per minute, your heart beats about 4,800 times per hour. In a lifetime (of 80 years) that sums up to approximately 3,363,840,000 times! In contrast to a hummingbird with 1200 beats per minute our 80 beats are rather slow… Compared to an elephant with 30bpm or a bluewale 8bpm rather fast though. You wanna know more about our heart, how it works and why it works? Just click here…

Sugar Honey!

Did you know that you consume 102.9 grams sugar per day; at least if you are a German residents says statistics. This is equal to almost 25 tablespoons of sugar per day.. But actually we – Germans – are not the worst …




A rather touchy subject…

Let’s talk about Poo, Baby!

We will talk about poo in this podcast and actually quite a lot… And of course we also will drop some blunt knowledge in about this brown gold.

Poo and Politics

Did you know, that Stalin had a secret lab to analyze the feces of other foreign leaders? All for the purpose of constructing psychological portraits: a leader with high levels of tryptophan was assumed to be calm and approachable, while a lack of potassium indicated a nervous disposition. I wonder if anyone ever published the data.

Artsy Poo

The Italian artist Piero Manzoni pooped into 90 tin cans as an artwork, each containing 30g of poop. Net Worth today 100,000 € each.

Google Fonts

Set a style for each text element once, and then watch it apply throughout your awesome site.

Like What You See?

Thanks to Vertical Split Slider options, you can change the colors and sizes of the bullet navigation.

The Vertical Split Slider provides an amazing sliding animation between sections. The sections themselves fill the screen completely and capture the attention of the viewer.

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